Words Story Answers

In our website you will be able to access Words Story Answers, Cheats and Solutions. Once you start playing “Words Story” you will be entering a very interesting adventure full of challenges and excitement. First of all you have to be aware that this is not just a word game but it has a story behind it which makes the game quite more mysterious and challenging.

The story takes place in a prison where a man is  locked, in this way he is not free to live his life.

But what is the connection between you and the prisoner? Well, let me say that you have been appointed a very challenging mission: You  have to help the man escape from prison.

How are you supposed to do that? The point is that the progress of this man towards freedom depends on your progress towards finding the mystery words. He works day after day to make an exit way at the wall but to do so he needs your help.Each day there will be given several letters and by tapping the letters you need to spell the mysterious word. When the letters appear in “blue” that means that they are in the correct place but if they appear in “yellow” it means they are in the wrong place and you need to swap letters. Your mission is simple, you have to use your vocabulary skills, determination and concentration to guess the mysterious words and help him make progress.



Fortunately, during the adventure you will be able to use some helping tools such as “shuffle” if you would like to rearrange the letters to have a better perspective and maybe fresh ideas about the mysterious  words. Also there is the option “hints” which reveals letters in case you are struggling to find the words. All you need to do is be careful and use them wisely.